Moore & Son Jewellers Buying Scrap Gold

Have you received a flyer through your door from a company called Moore & Son Jewellers? They want your scrap gold and they claim ‘Top London Cash Prices Paid‘.

This company appears to operate around the country by hiring local town / village halls for a short period and leafleting the area to advertise their presence.

Take a look at the flyer and compare their prices with our scrap gold prices. The prices they quote are in troy ounces (not imperial ounces). If you want to know what they pay per gram, simply divide their price by 31.103.

For example, we have a flyer that states they pay up to £140 / troy ounce for 9 carat gold. This works out to be about £4.50 / gram. At the time of writing this article, Gold-Traders were paying a guaranteed minimum of £6.95 / gram for 9 carat scrap gold. We are now currently paying £.

If you want the convenience of receiving cash for your scrap gold the same day and you have checked that your local high street jeweller can’t offer a better rate, then selling your gold to Moore and Son Jewellers is a quick and convenient option.

If however you are keen to receive the best price for your scrap gold, we believe there are other options available that offer better value-for-money.

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  1. Mike says:

    There now called JM Bullions! Same people. M stands for Moore.

    • Phil says:

      Hello Mike,

      Thanks for the information. Are they still sending out flyers? If you have one, could you send us a scanned copy or pop it in the post? More than happy to re-imburse your postage.


  2. Anonymous says:

    My wife & I visited Moore & Son yesterday, 14 May 2010, when they were in Wellington, Somerset offering top prices paid for gold. We were offered £3000.00 (three thousand pounds) for the gold we had for sale.

    I requested to see the calibration certificate for the “expensive” scales he was using, didn’t have it.

    We departed without selling our gold.

    Today we took the same gold into a reputable jeweller in Taunton and was offered just under £4400.00 (four thousand four hundred pounds).


  3. Anonymous says:

    these people are ripping people off. they are payin rock bottom prices!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have been on the internet checking up on prices of scrap gold for a week or so and pretty much knew what my gold was worth (£1650)for 24 ct, i checked gold traders for the most recent prices and headed to meet moore and son gold i was told was worth about £840 and they offered me £900 when we got up to leave he suddenly upped his offer to £1300. alarm bells started to ring in my head, if it was only worth £840 why was it suddenly worth £1300, we said we would think about it. my wife then decided to go into the city and came back with £1500 in cash. so my bottom line reads avoid moore and son jewellers like the plague as they are nothing but rogues preying on the unfortunate who may have fallen on hard i thank google and your good selves gold

  5. Mrs H Plymouth says:

    I had researched many gold traders for comparison prices and was very disapointed. However, I decided to get a quote from Gold Traders (UK) Ltd and was very pleased with the price. I duly followed the instructions and with, I must admit a bit of trepidation, sent off my gold on a Thursday afternoon SD. Next day I had a call at 1.30pm with a quote for more than I was expecting, which was a very pleasant surprise and received a cheque on the Monday morning. Well done Gold Traders and thank you. I am a pensioner and can now afford a pleasant Christmas without worrying about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi i wonder if you will show this comment on your site! on my visit to see your rep in whitehead today i was very disapointed with the comment from the girl (your rep)my silver which wieghed at hoe totaled 190gr and the girl wasted no time in telling me that silver was no price at all and when she calulated it , it totaled the grand sum of £10 pounds, needless to say i made a hastily exit,with my silver,your company was my 2nd opinion might i add in your rep defence , she said :£10 for chains rings (5 of)maybe get £1 for them

    • Phil says:

      No problems displaying your comment on this site…

      I don’t know who you’ve been dealing with, but I can categorically confirm you haven’t been dealing with Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd.

      We do not have reps working for, or representing us and we don’t accept calling customers.

      In respect of your 190g of silver, Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd will pay you £41.80 for it. As mentioned, we don’t have salespeople or reps working for us, so you would need to send your items to us.

      If you would like to proceed, please complete an online claim form.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i think that the business is business but you have to be clear with customers. I visited many sites on the web, buying gold and i think that only few of them are 100% clear to the customers, cause thery are saying to by at very high prices but the amount of real money getting at your pocket is much less than you thought at the begining. So after all , i think that you have to write on your web site and flyers the price the customer will take for each gram of gold with no other secret fees or tricks.

    • Yes, you are right – you do have to be clear with customers. As you say, there are lots of ‘tricks’ being employed by scrap gold dealers to make their prices look more attractive. These include:

      – Not quoting prices at all (avoid these companies!)
      – Quoting prices in troy ounces or other unit of measurement that the public aren’t likely to understand (e.g. pennyweight)
      – Hidden charges such as ‘refining fees’, fees for issuing cheques or testing fees
      – Under weighing your items
      – Being told the value of your items is less, due to ‘solder and impurities’.

  8. Ms Turner says:

    Thanks for the comment. I had a leaflet through my door for the these at a hotel in the Bo’ness area – lucky for me I thought to google them first. I read your comment but went along to see what they could offer.

    His offers were well under value against what I could get elsewhere. He offered me £30 for a 18ct gold saphire & diamond ring recently valued at £800. He also only offered £80 for my other items combined which I know I can get over £120.

    He did however advise me that I would be better selling my pieces indivdually on ebay as I would get much more.

    So not so much a rip off as a business taking advantage of the current climate.

  9. Anonymous says:

    hi i have visited moore and sons in various locations in bristol and found there service extremly good i have left very happy more than once. at least you can see them face to face rather than this posting carry on. mrs shields of bradley stoke bristol

    • Thanks for the comment. As the article acknowledges, the service they offer is clearly a convenient one for those who want to deal face to face, PROVIDING you have checked what your local high street jeweller will offer you.

      If however you want a better deal, it’s not difficult to find one. With 9ct gold for example, we are currently paying £76.17 more per ozt than Moore & Son Jewellers.

      • uel7777 says:

        moore and son only offered me half what i was offered in another place,these people are taking advantage of peoples misery,forget moore and son,RIP OFF MERCHANTS,NOT GOLD MERCHANTS

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