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Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
9 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
18 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
22 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
500 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
925 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
900 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
950 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
900 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
950 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--

Last updated: 20/06/2024 01:22:44

Post Gold for Cash Price Match Tool

Have you sent your unwanted gold to Post Gold for Cash?

Don't accept their quote until you've used our free price match tool to generate a written valuation, so you can take advantage of their 'Best online price' guarantee.

Sell your gold for more cash!

If you're in the process of selling your unwanted scrap gold, you may well have sent it away to a company called Post Gold for Cash. They're a company that sends out 'free' postal bags and claim to pay 'top prices'. If you have, our free to use price comparison tool is here to get more pounds in your pocket!

Before you accept their offer, use our handy form on this page to generate a written up-to-date valuation from us, based on the rates we're genuinely paying our customers, right now.

Their website promises to match any price offered by other online gold buyers for your scrap gold. Written evidence of offer must be provided, including weight of items, grade of metal, price offered and date.

In line with their Terms and Conditions, our valuation will be based on our lowest 'scrap gold' rates, with no upper adjustment for gold coins with numismatic value or jewellery with retail value.

If you don't know the purity and weights of your jewellery items, just ask Post Gold for Cash for a detailed breakdown of their valuation, before you accept their offer. If they're unable to supply you with the information, we'd suggest asking for the return of your items.

Oh, and even if they offer to increase their valuation without giving you a breakdown, please bear in mind we can still probably beat it!

You're welcome.

We respect your privacy

For the purposes of generating your written valuation that complies with Post Gold for Cash's Terms, we'll need your name and email address. Please be assured your details won't be retained on our system and no further contact will be made.

Get your free price comparison

Tell us what you've got to receive an instant and accurate valuation.

Your Privacy

We will only contact you for the purpose of completing this price comparison. Once the valuation has been issued, you won't hear from us again.


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"About the best prices we were able to obtain were at Gold-Traders (UK)"
the guardian
"..the trick with these sites is finding one that will give you a quote in advance - this is where Gold Traders stands out from many competitors."
the telegraph

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