Gold Bangles

Plain bangles, engraved bangles, baby bangles. They can be hollow or solid, yellow gold or white gold. We purchase all types of gold bangle and pay via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Gold bangles

Gold bangles may contain steel tension wires

To give gold bangles extra rigidity, it’s very common for them to contain steel tension wires. Bangles that contain wires are usually made from a flat strip of gold with the edges folded over. The steel wire sits inside the fold. Some bangles contain a single wire, others contain two.

If your gold bangle sticks to a strong magnet, it’s most likely there’s a wire running through it. You can have a go at removing it yourself by unfolding one end with a pair of pliers and pulling the wire out, however please watch your fingers and take care of flying wires and unguarded eyes!

Alternatively, you can send your gold bangles to us, and we’ll test them, remove any wires and value them on the day of receipt. All you need to do is fill out our scrap gold claim form, follow our simple instructions on how to package your gold and then send your package via Royal Mail Special Delivery. We deal with all packages on the day of receipt, and if you’ve elected to have payment via BACS, most customers received cleared funds into their account by 5pm. It really couldn’t be easier or quicker!

So, if you want to sell your gold bangle, fill out a claim form and put us to the test!

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