Dental Gold

Gold has long been used in dentistry, both for its physical appearance and its properties (gold doesn’t degrade or react in the mouth).

As dental gold comes in a variety of purities and alloy mixes, it is impossible to identify the purity by simple inspection. In fact, due to the alloy mixes used in dental gold, traditional acid testing is also ineffective.

Our testing methods are both highly accurate and very fast. Most batches of dental gold are turned-round on the day of receipt and payment issued same day.

We accept:

  • gold crowns
  • dental posts
  • PFGs / PFMs
  • gold teeth
  • bridges
  • gold caps

Dental Gold Trade Service

If you’re a dentist or a dental laboratory and have large quantities of dental gold to scrap, we offer a melt and assay service with very high payout rates.

Turnaround is usually 7 – 10 days. If required, we can make an interim payment whilst we await results. We also offer a full account service whereby we hold your metal on account and only sell when instructed.

Please contact us for more information about dental gold trade service and a summary of our attractive rates.

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