Gold Pins and Brooches

Do you have any unused or unwanted gold pins or brooches? Gold Traders can turn these unneeded, broken or damaged items into cash!

Gold Brooches

Whatever the type of gold brooch you have, be it plain, patterned, embossed, a cameo, engraved, broken or with stones missing, Gold Traders can accurately test and value your items.

Sometimes, the pin on a gold brooch is only base metal (not gold), so we will need to remove this to accourately value the item.

Gold Cufflinks

Individual cuff links get lost, or are trodden-on and damaged beyond repair. Maybe you have a pair of cufflinks that you no longer wear?

You can use our calculator in the right-hand column of this page to value your gold pins and brooches. If you decide you would like to sell your gold, our claim form is easy to complete and we turn all claims round on the day of receipt.

For a full list of our rates, please see our scrap gold prices page.

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