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Choosing the best scrap gold dealer

There are plenty of scrap gold dealers on the Internet and high street jewellers who will buy your gold. The question you should ask when using ANY dealer is ‘Will I receive the best deal available?‘.

Check the small print of our competitors. Make sure that the price you see quoted is the minimum you’ll receive.

Many dealers will only pay out using the gold price they set at the time they generate your payment. Therefore, if the gold price drops after you’ve sent your scrap, you’ll end-up receiving the lower price. Furthermore, if the gold price were to rise, you may well discover you only get the dealers original quoted rate and not a higher price.

Win win for the dealer, lose lose for the customer.

We believe our payment terms are probably the fairest available.

  • If the gold price is higher when we process your payment, we’ll pay you the better price.
  • If the gold price goes down before we receive your gold, we’ll pay you our original quoted price (providing we receive your gold within 5 days).
  • We change our prices twice a day.
  • We don’t charge ‘administration’ fees to return your items if you change your mind.
  • We issue payment on the day we receive your gold.

Use our scrap gold calculator to receive an instant valuation of your unwanted gold and put our excellent service to the test.

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