Selling Masonic jewellery

Masonic ball fobs in 9ct gold

Masonic ball fobs in 9ct gold

A Masonic jewel, ring or fob will have been a treasured possession by its owner. When such items pass to family members, they are often disposed of, as they may have little meaning to their new owner.

Commonly made of gold and / or silver, when such items pass to family members, they often, sadly, find their way to scrap gold buyers who are purely interested in their metal content. Inevitably, this means the item will be melted down and lost forever.

If you are considering selling any Masonic jewellery, please contact us first. Not only will we pay higher than ‘scrap’ rates for any Masonic items, we’ll also ensure that Masonic items are given a new home – which is what the original owner would have wanted.

We are always interested in the following items:

Masonic ball fobs

Worn on watch chains from the early 1900’s, Masonic ball fobs are usually made of gold and / or silver. The ball opens out into the shape of a cross.

Past Master jewels

Worn to signify a Master Mason has held the rank of Worshipful Master, Past Master jewels are often made of gold. A jewel will usually be engraved with the owner’s name.

Masonic rings, pins & cufflinks

There has always been a huge array of Masonic jewellery to choose from, from rings, tie pins, cufflinks and watches. As with any other Masonic item, please don’t sell these for standard ‘scrap’ prices as you will receive a much lower price.

Other Masonic items made of gold or silver

It is impossible to compile a full list of all things Masonic as such a list would go on forever! Suffice to say, any item of jewellery, gold or silver that is large enough to accommodate a square and compass will probably have been produced in Masonic form at some time or other.

Give us a call to discuss the sale of all things Masonic. It’s always without obligation and we will certainly offer you far more than other gold buyers.

5 Responses to “Selling Masonic jewellery”

  1. I have found in my fathers possessions a gold very thick and very heavy gold chain with the mason symbol stamped on the last links (connectors) could this be real Masonic gold Jewellry do you think? Happy to supply photos

    • Phil says:

      Hi Cordelia, it’s impossible to say without having the opportunity to test it. The presence of a masonic symbol is no guarantee the item is gold.

  2. Clive says:

    I sold a Past Masters Jewel to you some time back and was very pleased with the price and am just sending some more now, very pleased also to see they get “rehomed”.

  3. beko says:

    Hello i’m from scotland,but i live in portugal since 1990, i bought a pair of earrings in a jewel house and they got two symbols, one saying 18GP and the other is a rhombus with a balance inside. It has a metal colour. Phill,do you know the means this?

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