How much is 9ct gold worth per gram?

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If you’re researching the price of 9ct gold because you have some to sell, I hope this comprehensive article is of benefit to you. In addition to the content on this page, I strongly urge you to also think twice before selling your gold using a free envelope cash for gold service. These articles are as detailed as possible to help you make an informed decision before selling your gold.

Please trust me when I tell you that choosing the wrong buyer can result in you being paid between 50% – 60% less for your items. The worst buyers (who often have huge advertising budgets), will pay as little as 20% if you fail to challenge them. This isn’t me trying to frighten you, it’s true. As crazy as it may seem, the ‘cash for gold’ market in the UK is largely unregulated, meaning anyone can set themselves up as a gold buyer with minimal effort. As a result, there are many buyers around who employ all the tricks they can muster to get your gold for the lowest price possible.

The price of 9ct gold per gram in the UK today

I’m often asked how much 9ct is worth per gram. It’s important to note that the figures on this page are always up-to-date. Today, we’re paying £ for 9ct gold. That’s only marginally below the market ‘spot’ price for gold and there are no fees or deductions to come off the price.

If you want to calculate the true value of your gold, based on the live ‘spot’ price, we have a handy gold price comparison tool that’ll work out value and calculate the dealer margin, if you’ve had a quote elsewhere.

What is 9ct gold?

9ct gold is an alloy (a mix) of metals, comprising of 37.5% gold and a combination of other metals, commonly copper, silver and zinc. The proportion of other metals used is dependent on the colour required. For example, 9ct red or ‘rose’ gold will contain a high proportion of copper and little zinc or silver. In contrast, 9ct white gold will still contain 37.5% gold, but have a lower amount of copper and higher amounts of zinc or silver.

In the UK, under hallmarking legislation, any item made after 1950, weighing over 1 gram and described as ‘gold’ must carry a recognised hallmark. The purpose of the hallmark is to guarantee to the consumer the item they’re purchasing contains, at minimum, the purity of gold described.

How much is a 9ct gold ring worth?

When selling gold rings or any other item of gold jewellery, it’s important to recognise the difference between its original retail value and its gold (sometimes referred to as ‘scrap’) value. Second-hand gold jewellery will almost always get valued based on its weight and gold content.

Calculating the value of a 9ct ring will be determined by these two factors:

  • The value of 9ct gold on the day of the sale (per gram), multiplied the weight of the ring in grams, ideally to 1/10 of a gram.

As I’ve already mentioned, today we’re paying £ for 9ct gold (note this page is always up-to-date). So multiply this figure by the weight of your ring to see how much we’re paying. Assuming you got your weight correct, that’s the amount you could expect to be paid by us. No deductions, no fees.

Who is Gold-Traders UK?

Gold Traders UK Ltd was launched in 2008 to offer a fair and transparent service to those wanting to sell their unwanted gold. The business has always sought to shine a light on our less than transparent competitors, who, while often claiming to pay ‘top prices’, fail to disclose up-front the rates they genuinely pay.

In 2022, Gold Traders became the first precious metals dealer in the UK to be vetted and approved by Trading Standards, through their national Buy With Confidence scheme.

See a full breakdown of our scrap gold prices here. Please don’t forget, if you have Sovereigns or other bullion to sell, we pay even more for those.

See a full breakdown of our scrap gold prices here.

How much is 9ct gold worth today?

Today, we're currently paying £ per gram for nine carat gold. Gold-Traders offers some of the highest prices in the UK with no hidden fees for those wanting to sell their unwanted 9 carat gold. Our 9ct prices updated regularly as the gold ‘spot’ price fluctuates.

How pure is 9 carat gold?

9 carat gold contains 37.5% pure gold, combined with a mixture of other metals including copper, silver and zinc. 9 ct gold is often used to make jewellery because pure, 24ct gold is not especially durable, unlike gold alloyed with other metals.

Is 9 carat gold real gold?

9 carat gold is real gold containing 37.5% pure gold mixed with other metals like silver, copper and zinc. Solid 9ct gold jewellery is durable, attractive and often more affordable than higher-carat pieces made of 14ct or 18ct gold.

What hallmarks are on 9 carat gold?

9 carat gold jewellery from the UK should have three different marks in an inconspicuous place. This includes a sponsor or marker’s mark, a fineness or purity mark (‘375’ for 9ct gold) and a assay office mark for one of the four authorised UK assay offices. We have a hallmark wizard that you may find useful.

What percentage of gold is in 9ct?

9 carat gold is a metal alloy made of 37.5% pure gold. The gold is combined with other metals like silver, copper and zinc. British hallmarked 9ct gold should have a tiny stamp that reads ‘375’ which refers to the 375 parts per thousand of pure gold found in gold of this type.

Is 9ct gold jewellery worth anything?

At minimum, 9 carat jewellery is worth its weight in the gold content. This type of precious metal is made from 37.5% pure gold which remains valuable even if the ring or bangle is out-of-style or broken. Right now, Gold-Traders UK are paying £ per gram which is a tough to beat rate for 9ct gold.

Can I sell unhallmarked 9ct gold?

You can legally sell your unhallmarked 9 carat gold to Gold-Traders UK. The Wiltshire-based gold buying company which holds a five star Trustpilot rating pays the same price for hallmarked and unhallmarked 9ct gold which they verify using high-end x-ray testing equipment.

Who pays the most for 9 carat gold?

Gold-Traders became the first Trading Standards approved gold-buying company. Known for consistently paying more than freepost only online gold buyers, you will find their live prices for all types of gold on their website with 9ct currently valued at £ per gram.

Is 9 carat gold good quality?

9 carat gold is often used in jewellery because its durable, attractive and more affordable than higher-carat gold. 9ct is an alloy made from 37.5% pure gold and other metals like silver, copper and zinc which can change the colour from a white-gold tone to a rosy-pink hue.

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    Comment how much is 22grams of 14ct gold worth

  2. The same question is a chain that can be resold as a chain worth more than scrap gold

    • Our rates for unwanted gold are the same, regardless of the condition of the item. We often find our rates are consistently higher than the prices offered by a jeweller looking to purchase an item for resale.

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    I have a chain on 1 side it is stamped 375 and on the other it says Italy i have my doubts that it is 9ct and does it make any difference with Italy stamped on it ?

    • Jewellery bought from Italy won’t carry the same hallmarks as a piece bought in the UK (even if it was originally made in Italy). It probably is 9ct gold, but you’re going to have to have it tested to confirm this.

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