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Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
9 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
18 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
22 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
500 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
925 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
900 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
950 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
900 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
950 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--

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Right now is a great time to sell gold & silver

Sell your gold and silver face to face or via our fast postal service. We pay substantially more than companies who sent out 'free' envelopes. You can visit our precious metals trade counter here:
29 High Street, Royal Wootton Bassett, SN4 7AA

Our secure counter service is open from 10am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. The transaction process is easy and contact free.

Please ensure you bring with you photo ID (driving licence or passport) and one proof of address dated within the last three months (recent utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill).

We Buy Gold Jewellery

Take a look in your attic... and have a rummage in your jewellery box. You've probably got a treasure trove of broken old chains, unfashionable rings and single earrings (why do they never stay in pairs?). It's old tat to you, but gold scrap to us. You can convert it to cash, no matter how broken, dirty, or unfashionable it is!

See if the gold scrap buyers can make you richer!

We buy gold, whatever type you've got, we'll make you an offer. Rose gold, yellow gold, 9ct and 24ct gold, white gold, old gold, new gold, broken gold, who-knows-what-kind-of-gold... just send it on to us. If you can't identify it, we will. If it isn't gold, we'll return it to you.

Gold jewellery in forgotten places...

Gold scrap lurks in the strangest places, dig it out and make something from nothing! As scrap gold buyers we'll even value dental scrap gold, watches, buckles, and coins. Do you have any of these lying around?


If you have scrap gold of a type that isn't mentioned here, just give us a call. We'll buy most types of old scrap gold!

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PLEASE REMEMBER: The prices we quote are for hallmarked and non-hallmarked items. Unlike some other dealers, we do not differentiate or pay different rates. You should also note that we don't hide any fees in our Terms & Conditions. If we receive your items tomorrow, we'll pay you tomorrow (Monday to Friday).

Act now for the best prices...

Weigh your jewellery and fill out the online claim form right now. Remember, precious metal prices change on a daily basis and the rates quoted are what we're paying our customers right now.

Need to Sell Gold Coins?

We will will also purchase gold coins and sovereigns for cash. See our sell gold coins page for up-to-date prices.

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What We Buy

Unmatched Earrings
Tangled Chains
Gold Pins & Brooches
Damaged Jewellery
Gold Coins
Gold Bullion
Gold Watches
Dental Gold
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