Damaged Jewellery

One beauty of gold is that it can be re-cycled over and over again. And, it’s one of the few types of recycling you get paid for!

Pure gold doesn’t rust, oxidise or tarnish. No single acid can dissolve gold and virtually all gold ever mined still exists today. Therefore, the gold in your damaged jewellery may previously have been a Roman coin or even an ancient Egyptian artefact!

We really don’t mind if your gold jewellery is damaged, dirty, tangled or tarnished. So long as it’s gold, we’ll buy it. Take a look at our scrap gold prices. The prices you see quoted are the guaranteed minimum prices we’ll pay you, providing we receive your items within 3 days. Even if we drop our rates, we’ll still pay you the price per gram you were quoted when you generated your claim.

We don’t have ‘refining fees’ or ‘testing fees’, we don’t charge to return items to customers and we don’t charge to send you a cheque or pay your money into your bank account.

If you want to sell your damaged jewellery, fill out our claim form and follow our simple instructions on how to package your gold.

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