How to Package your Scrap Gold

The following guidelines should assist you in preparing your scrap gold and packaging it up to send to us. Please read through our ‘dos and don’ts’ carefully. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.


  • We like to turn all transactions round as quickly as possible, so please ensure you’ve supplied a daytime telephone number that we can contact you on.
  • Place your gold into a plastic bag or securely wrap your items in some kitchen paper / tin foil.
  • Use a new, unused padded envelope (Jiffy bag).
  • For added security, ask your Post Office for one of their silver polythene ‘Special Delivery’ bags. These are free-of-charge, although they do also offer pre-paid bags as well. (Both types are available in A5 and A4 sizes).
  • Send your scrap gold using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Your valuables will be insured during transit and guaranteed to be with us by 1PM on the next business day.
  • It helps us if you can write your claim number on the outside of your packet. This allows us to identify you as the owner before opening it.
  • Remember to enclose a SIGNED copy of your claim form.


  • Don’t use a normal envelope, it may rip in transit.
  • Don’t place your scrap gold loose into the envelope as small items may find their way through gaps in the corners.
  • Don’t send your valuables using the ‘Recorded Delivery’ service, your package won’t be insured.

Posting Scrap Gold Using Royal Mail Special Delivery

The Royal Mail Special Delivery service is a very safe and reliable service. We have never had a customer’s valuables get lost or go missing. Although a little more expensive than normal post, please remember:

  • Your scrap gold is fully insured during transit.
  • It’s guaranteed to be with us by 1PM on the next business day.
  • You can use the Royal Mail Tracking service to check your package has been delivered.

The cost of sending your package will depend on its value and weight. The following chart summarises the relevant fees.

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