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Get cats for gold!If you have unwanted or scrap gold lying around and are wondering who to send it to, there’s a new player in town who, instead of paying cash for gold, pays you in cats for gold! promises the best pawsible rates for your unwanted gold and pawsitively guarantee a fur exchange.

To highlight the underhand scams that occur in the ‘cash for gold’ marketplace, Gold-Traders has launched its spoof website, which has “pussies galore” and is ready to swap them for people’s gold! is based on the idea that “if you send your gold to a company that doesn’t quote their prices up-front or has lots of hidden ‘small print’, you might as well get the weight of your gold in cats…” Furthermore, in these austere times, gold isn’t as alluring as something that’s purring: bling really isn’t this season’s thing.

For some time, Gold-Traders (UK) has been spreading the word that the public can expect short shrift from scrap gold buyers who don’t publish the prices they pay per ounce or gram. In many cases, sellers could be receiving as little as 20% of their gold’s true market value. And, with the recession causing something of a ‘gold rush’ as people cash in on trinkets and jewellery, the grim reality of such a cat-astrophically wide rip-off is sure to give ‘paws for thought’.

No cats were harmed, mildly disturbed or even woken from their naps during the making of the website.

You can read our full press release here: Gives More Moggy than Lolly to the Ounce

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Gold-Traders featured in Guardian Money article

If you’re thinking of sending your unwanted gold to any company who advertise in the press or on television, we would encourage you to first read Patrick Collinson’s article, published on 12 September in Guardian Money – Gold: Should you rush to sell?.

In it, he examines the recent surge in TV and press adverts and investigates whether customers really are receiving a good deal.

We would also recommend you read our previous post, ‘Don’t get ripped-off selling your scrap gold’.

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Gold-Traders Reveals the True Cost of Your Wedding Ring


More than 20 tonnes of waste are excavated to make just one gold wedding ring. The smelting process also releases large amounts of lead, carbon and cyandide into the air and water. But there is a way to reduce the damage – by returning scrap gold to the industry for re-use.

The environmental cost of our wedding rings, watches, and even gold fillings, is a hefty price for the planet to pay. The initial excavation of earth and the smelting process used to extract the gold cause air pollution that poses an enormous threat to local communities.

In La Oroya in Peru, the gold smelter emits so many fumes that 99% of local schoolchildren have been diagnosed with lead poisoning. The smelter also releases CO2 and PFCs into the atmosphere. How can we act to put the brakes on gold-mining pollution?

Return your unwanted gold
“The industry needs unwanted gold at the moment,” explains Phil Williams from “Prices are high and concerns are rising about the environmental cost of producing new jewellery.”

“Worst of all, thousands of us have old, broken or unused gold jewellery sitting around at home. The more we can return to the industry, the less we buy from gold mines.”

Cash for scrap gold
Gold is currently commanding such a high price that many vintage pieces are now worth more than their original cost. Now’s the time to sell scrap gold – whatever the weight or style, it could be worth more than you’d imagine. For example, the scrap value of an 18-carat, 10g wedding ring is currently £102 ($178).

How it works
Gold-traders is set up to enable anyone to sell their gold scrap. Fill out the online form, weigh the gold, and you can expect payment into your bank account on the day of receipt or cheque by return. You can sell brooches with broken pins, gold medallions, baby bangles, snapped chains, odd earrings, and even dental gold.

Once returned to the jewellers, they’ll be melted down and reformed to create someone else’s wedding ring or newborn bracelet. You’ve got a little extra in your bank account… and a little less on your conscience.


For further information…
Read more and download the online claim form at:
Telephone: Phil Williams on 01793 230 331

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Gold-Traders featured on Radio 2’s Chris Evans show

On Monday 18th August 2008, Gold-Traders was featured in the business slot of the Chris Evans Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2.

The feature focussed on how the credit crunch has led more people to turn-out their old and unwanted gold jewellery and convert it to cash.

Interviewed by Rebecca Pike (Foxy), Phil Williams of Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd stated:

“With the recent downturn in the economy, we’ve noticed quite an increase in the number of customers wanting to sell their gold. Anything from broken jewellery, wedding rings, sovereigns and even dental gold.

What’s important for anyone selling their gold is to shop around. By way of example, a typical high-street jewellery will probably offer around £2-3/g for their 9 carat scrap. However, due to the low operating overheads of an Internet business such as ourselves, we are able to offer significantly better rates.”

The interview also focussed on the environmental impact that gold mining can have and that recycling unwanted jewellery is not only green, it’s one of the few types of re-cycling that earns you money.

As a result of the feature, we have been inundated with enquiries and parcels of unwanted gold jewellery. Our telephone lines have stayed open well into the evening over the last couple of days and staff have been working extra hours to ensure all claims received are processed and paid on the day of receipt.

For a short time on Wednesday evening, the demand on our web server was so great, the Gold-Traders web site crashed. Our apologies go out to any customer trying to access the site at this time, we believe the issue has now been resolved.

Our thanks go out to all our new customers who listened to the radio feature and we hope that Gold-Traders has provided you with an impeccable service.

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