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How much is 18ct gold worth per gram?

An 18ct gold Albert chain

An 18ct rose gold fob chain

18ct gold is an alloy (a mix) of gold and other metals, typically copper, silver and / or zinc. For an item of jewellery to be hallmarked 18ct gold, it must contain a minimum of 75% gold.

The colour of 18ct gold depends on the mix of the other metal added. For example, 18ct yellow gold can consist of 75% gold, 13% silver and 12% copper. 18ct white gold will contain more silver or zinc and less copper, whereas rose gold will contain more copper and less silver. As the value of scrap gold is based on the gold content, 18ct yellow gold is worth the same amount as white or rose gold.

The scrap value of 18ct gold

Gold-Traders is currently paying £ for 18ct.

When comparing our rate with your high street jeweller, you should note the following points:

  • Once you’ve filled out our claim form, our rates are guaranteed for three days. We won’t pay you anything less per gram for your gold.
  • We don’t differentiate between hallmarked and non-hallmarked gold, our rates are the same.
  • We have no hidden fees or charges. The rates we quote are the rates we pay.

Review a full breakdown of our scrap gold prices.

To receive a quotation from us, please use the calculator function in the right-hand column of this page.

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