How much is 22ct gold per gram?

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This article looks at how much 22ct gold is worth per gram today. As well as this information, it also delves into a lot more detail, which I hope will help you make an informed decision before selling your gold.

Cash for gold companies that offer free postage envelopes rely on keeping their fees and calculations secret. Unscrupulous dealers can take advantage of your confusion, meaning you could loose out on hundreds or even thousands of pounds. After reading this article, I strongly recommend you think twice before using a free envelope cash for gold service.

How much is 22ct gold / g today?

Right now, we’re paying £ for 22 carat gold. We have no fees or charges to come off this figure and it’s the same for customers who visit our secure counter as well as those who use our very efficient postal service.

This webpage automatically updates whenever we adjust our prices. That means that the price displayed here is exactly what we’ll pay you if you were to sell your 22ct gold to us right now.

Top Tip: Had a quote from another gold company? Before you accept their offer, make sure you obtain a clear itemised breakdown of their valuation. You need to know the weight (in grams) and the purity (carat) of your items. Once you have this information, use our handy tool to calculate the real value of your gold. It’ll help you determine whether you’re being offered a fair price. We’ve seen quotes for as little as 20% of the gold value so it really does pay to check before you sell. Bottom line, if you’re being offered less than 90%, you should go elsewhere!

What is 22ct gold?

22 carat gold is 91.67% pure and among the most sought-after after forms of gold available in the UK.

Pure gold is known as 24 carat gold. It’s beautiful but quite soft. 22ct gold includes a small amount of other metals like copper, silver and zinc which makes the alloy hard-wearing without loosing the bright lustre.

You’ll sometimes seen carats spelled ‘karats’ and 22ct gold referred to as ‘22k’. It’s the same thing, just an American spelling. You might also see 22 ct gold referred to as 916.7 gold or .916. That’s just a different way of talking about the purity of gold, used by precious metal experts.

How to identify 22 carat gold

UK law requires gold jewellery and other gold items to be stamped with a tiny hallmark. Hallmarks are an old form of consumer protection, ensuring the you get exactly the purity of gold you’re paying for. UK hallmarking legislation requires any item made after 1950 and described as 22ct gold to carry a ‘916’ stamp (identifying the purity) as well as the symbol of one of the four UK assay offices.

Other countries have different systems and old jewellery might have no hallmarks at all. In cases like this its hard to be sure you’ve got 22ct gold.

If you need help identifying your hallmark, take a look at our hallmark identification wizard.

At Gold-Traders, we employ high-end XRF technology to quickly and precisely test the chemical composition of the gold our customers want to sell. We’re easily able to authenticate your 22ct jewellery, ensuring you get a fast and accurate payout.

Read more: What is an XRF Machine?

What is 22 carat jewellery worth?

The value of old gold jewellery like rings and bracelets is determined by the weight and gold content of the piece. We sometimes call the gold value of an item its ‘scrap value’. It doesn’t matter if your gold jewellery is broken or damaged: it’s still worth something.

Working out how much your 22ct gold is worth is based on two factors:

  • The current price for 22ct gold per gram on the metal market
  • The weight of the jewellery in grams, minus any stones or other non-gold parts

Our current price for 22ct gold is £. All you need to do is multiply this figure by the weight of your jewellery to see how much we’ll pay you for your gold today. This price might be different to the original retail value but applies to fine gold jewellery from any brand.

Can I sell 22ct gold coins?

In the past, some coins were made of real 22 carat gold. The most famous British 22ct gold coin is the gold Sovereign. Lots of old Sovereigns, made during the time of Queen Victoria, are still kicking around and the UK’s national mint is still producing them as an investment coin.

You can definitely sell 22ct gold coins like Sovereigns and assuming they’ve never been mounted in jewellery, they’re worth more than regular scrap gold. Visit our Sovereigns page for up-to-date bullion rates. Historic and rare examples will net you more.

Other 22ct gold coins are also valuable. British Britannias, South African Krugerrands and American Eagles are made from 22ct gold and we’ll pay a premium for these collectible coins. Check out the rates we’re currently paying for gold coins, or contact us for a quick quote.

Selling with Gold-Traders UK

We launched Gold-Traders UK in 2008 to offer fair prices and great customer service to Brits looking to sell their unwanted gold. We’ve always sought to be transparent about how the precious metals industry works, while shining a light on the tricks employed by a few of our competitors. Our live scrap gold prices (including for 22 carat gold jewellery) are easy to access so you know exactly what we’ll pay.

In 2022, our hard work was rewarded when we became the first UK precious metal dealer to be vetted and approved by Trading Standards through their national Buy With Confidence scheme. Check their site for unbiased customer reviews or have a look at our Trustpilot page (we’re rated excellent!).

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