Cash4Gold-Now Scrap Gold Price Match Tool
Cash4Gold-Now Price Match Tool

Have you sent your unwanted gold to Cash4Gold-Now (

Don't accept their quote until you've used our free price match tool to generate a written valuation, so you can test their 'Best online price' guarantee.

Maximise the Value of your Gold: Don't Settle for Less with Cash4Gold-Now!

Are you in the process of selling your unwanted scrap gold? If you’ve already sent it off to Cash4Gold-Now (, you might be wondering if you’re getting the best deal. Before you accept their quote, take a moment to use our free price match tool to ensure you're getting the most cash for your gold!

Why Use Our Price Match Tool?

Cash4Gold-Now, operated by James Brooke Services Ltd, claims to offer top prices and provides 'free' postal bags for your convenience. They also run a similar site, cash4goldonline, and we offer a price match tool for that site as well! But are their prices really unbeatable?

Our price match tool is designed to give you an up-to-date written valuation based on the rates we are genuinely paying our customers right now. This allows you to test Cash4Gold-Now’s 'Price Match Guarantee' with confidence. Here’s why you should use it:

  • Transparency: Our valuation includes detailed breakdowns, so you know exactly what your gold is worth.
  • Accuracy: We base our valuations on current market rates, ensuring you receive the most accurate pricing.
  • Higher Offers: Even if Cash4Gold-Now increases their offer, we can often still beat it!

How It Works

  1. Get Your Valuation: Use our form to generate a written valuation based on the weight, grade, and type of your gold.
  2. Compare Offers: Compare our valuation with Cash4Gold-Now’s offer. If they promise to match any price, provide them with our written valuation.
  3. Verify Details: Ensure Cash4Gold-Now gives you a detailed breakdown of their offer, including the weight and purity of your items.
  4. Make an Informed Decision: If they can’t match our price or fail to provide a breakdown, consider asking for your items back.

A Few Facts About Our Quotes

  • Upfront Valuations: The quote you generate via the form on this page is the MINIMUM we would pay you for the weight and purity of gold quoted. There are instances where we pay higher rates, but for the purposes of generating a comparison, we prefer to beat our competitors prices using our basic prices.
  • Genuine Quotes: If you stand at our counter in Royal Wootton Bassett right now, the amount you're quoted via this form is the amount we will pay you.
  • No Fees: We don't charge 'testing' or 'refining' fees.

Why Trust Our Service?

Gold Traders was the first precious metals company in the UK to receive Trading Standards accreditation through their national 'Buy With Confidence' scheme. We believe anyone selling gold online deserves to be given clear and transparent pricing before sending their gold away. Sadly, the majority of free envelope companies refuse to give up-front quotes, simply because the rates they actually offer are appallingly low.

We respect your privacy and only require your name and email address to generate your written valuation. Rest assured, your details will not be retained on our system, and you won’t receive any further contact from us, unless you request it.

Take Action Now!

Before you accept any offer, make sure you're truly getting the best deal. Use our free price match tool today and get more pounds in your pocket for your unwanted gold. Don’t settle for less – maximise your gold’s value, with our help!

You're welcome.

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We will only contact you for the purpose of completing this price comparison. Once the valuation has been issued, you won't hear from us again.


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"About the best prices we were able to obtain were at Gold-Traders (UK)"
the guardian
"..the trick with these sites is finding one that will give you a quote in advance - this is where Gold Traders stands out from many competitors."
the telegraph

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