Gold Rings

Sell your gold rings for cash, fast.

We purchase all types of gold ring, whether hallmarked or not. Although not a complete list, here are a number of examples of the types of gold ring we buy:

  • Wedding bands
  • engagement rings
  • eternity rings
  • signet rings
  • class rings
  • dress rings
  • sovereign rings
  • buckle rings.

Don’t worry if your ring doesn’t carry a UK hallmark, our testing methods are extremely accurate and our rates are the same for hallmarked and non-hallmarked gold.

Stones in rings

Please bear in mind that we are paying you for the intrinisic gold content of your ring and that we do not pay for stones. If your gold ring contains one or more stones, we will usually remove them prior to valuation. If the stones are very tiny, they probably won’t constitute much to the overall weight of your item and we will therefore value your ring with the stones intact.

If you would like to have your stones returned, please request this on your claim form. We are happy to offer this service at no charge to you.

A fake gold ring

A fake gold ring

Fake gold rings

Unfortunately, customers do occasionaly send in fake gold rings. They are aquired most commonly from markets and Internet auction web sites, including a certain police auction site! They tend to be men’s signet style rings and are usually stamped ’18k’ inside. You should note that the stamp is not a UK hallmark, but simply ’18k’. (For more information on UK hallmarks, see our hallmark identification page.)

If you are unsure as to whether your ring is genuine, it’s not a problem for us to test. Unlike many scrap gold dealers, we don’t charge you any ‘testing fees’ and we don’t charge to return to your non-gold items – it’s all part of our service.

7 Responses to “Gold Rings”

  1. Steve Harris says:

    Coincidence: I’ve been browsing through sites attempting to research my late Mothers wedding ring(s) one original (cut off and later repaired) plus one replacement (purchased in 1962). It was a surprise to find your main page carries a Henry Hyde Aston ring as the page main banner [H.A (centre dot)-Crown-22-Anchor-small a] as Mothers replacement ring is identical but with a capital A..
    According to my research, mine is a H Aston, Birmingham assayed, 22 carot, 1849 [10 grm] ring. which I find remarkable if correct!

  2. Katie says:

    Hi I just bought a bag at a uk police auction with 5 gold 18k 750 heavy signet rings after reading up I think these might be fake in the bag was also 5 fake gold chains as these stick to magnet the rings do not i!! I am going to take them to a dealer but do u think these sound familiar one of the rings has an Armani sign are these common in the fakes u have seen thanks

    • Hi Katie,

      Yes, there is a certain police auction web site that regularly sell-off recovered jewellery. They avoid stating if such items are gold, instead describing them as ‘gold coloured’. I have personally discussed this with the site operators as I do believe they know the signet rings are fake, but they seem only interested in making profit from the site. Many people get ‘stung‘ by this site, it seems you have too.

  3. Robert says:

    I have a ring with the 18k sign in it also says above it 750 but has no hallmark stamp does this mean it is fake?

    • Phil says:

      Hi Robert,

      It’s impossible to say without testing the ring. The simplest way to confirm if your ring is gold is to take it to a jeweller and ask them if they’re interested in buying it. Make sure you make a note of our current scrap gold prices to check if you’re being offered a fair price.

  4. Bill says:

    I have a mens gold wedding band. Not sure the weight , bu on an average what would you pay for the item?

    • Phil says:

      Hello Bill,

      As well as needing to know the weight, we would also need to know the purity (carat) of the gold. Many wedding bands are 18ct or 22ct, although 9ct and 14ct are also common.

      You can use our gold hallmark wizard to work out the purity of your ring.

      To find out the weight of your ring, see our guide: How to weigh your gold.

      As an example, my wedding band is 22ct and weighs 11.7g. You can use the gold calculator in the right-hand column of this page to generate an up-to-date valuation.

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