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Are you worth your weight in gold?

If you owned your bodyweight in gold bullion, what would it be worth?

Our ‘Worth Your Weight in Gold‘ application has been updated and now generates a unique banner image for each visitor.

You can post your results to Facebook, Tweet your valuation and even post your results to your blog or web site! For those who are interested, our app will even take you step-by-step through the maths to explain how the calculation is made.

I am worth £1,765,529.53 in gold. Are you worth your weight in gold?

How about also finding out if your cat is worth its weight in gold?!

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Platinum Crucibles

A crucible is a container made from a material that doesn’t melt easily and used for high temperature chemical reactions.

Platinum crucibles offer very high temperature strength. Its contents can be heated in excess of 1000°C without the crucible melting.

Being a noble metal, Platinum does not oxidise or corrode, thus does not interfere with the chemical reaction occurring during the heating process.

Inevitably, a Platinum crucible will reach the end of its life at some point. Once it becomes cracked or misshaped beyond repair, it must be replaced.

Gold-Traders purchases unwanted and damaged platinum crucibles. Our scrap platinum prices page is regularly updated and shows the rates we’re currently paying.

We deal with everything on the day of receipt (Monday to Friday), so if you send us your unwanted crucibles today, you’ll have the funds in your bank account tomorrow. If you would like to proceed, please complete our claim form.

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Sell Predecimal British Silver Coins

Pre-decimal Silver Coins

Pre-1947 British silver coins contain 50% silver. Pre-1920 coins are 92.5% silver.

Update 11 Sept 2015: Since writing this post, we have launched our pre-decimal silver coin valuation calculator. If you don’t know the weight of your coins, but know their face value, we can estimate the value for you.

Do you have any predecimal British coins to sell? If you do, take a look at the rates we pay and compare them to the prices offered by specialist coin dealers.

You’ll notice that many coin dealers will offer you a price based on the face value of the coins. Let’s use a couple of examples:

A well known coin dealer will pay you £12 per £1 face value for pre-1947 silver coins and £22 per £1 face value for pre-1920 silver coins (prices confirmed by telephone on 09/09/2010).

We base our prices on the weight of your coins, not face value.

20 individual Shilling coins (£1 face value) will weigh roughly 110g. At our current silver prices of £0.17/g for 50% silver and £0.32/g for 92.5% silver we will pay you £18.70 for 110g of pre-1947 predecimal silver coins and a massive £35.20 for you pre-1920 silver coins.

That’s over 55% more than one of the leading specialist coin dealers who you’ll find advertising on the Internet.

Selling your predecimal coins to us is simple.

  • If possible, sort your coins into 2 piles : pre-1920 and pre-1947, then weigh them
  • Complete our simple claim form
  • Once submitted, you’ll need to print out the form and sign it
  • Package and send your coins to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

All packages are dealt with on the day of receipt (Monday to Friday). The quickest option for payment is a direct BACS transfer. If you bank with any of the main high-street banks, they’re all part of the ‘Faster Payments System’ which simply means you receive your money within an hour of us sending the payment.

See our up-to-date scrap silver prices. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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