Tangled Chains

Many people at some point, have a selection of gold chains they no longer wear or like. Stored together in a pot, back of a drawer or in a jewellery box, they quickly become a cluster of tangled chains. Although apparantly impossible to separate, Gold Traders (UK) is able to value your knotted mass. It doesn’t matter if you have a selection of different types of chain, we will buy them whether the chains are curb, belcher, twisted, rope, box, figaro, herringbone, cable, fancy or any other variety of gold chain, even if they are tangled.

If you have some tangled gold chains that are different colours, this could be because one or more may be rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. This is not a problem, we are able to test and value your tangled gold according to its carat and weight.

Some of your tangled chains may be UK hallmarked, while others, if they were purchased abroad, may not. This is not a problem either. Gold Traders (UK) can very quickly test your chains and determine the carat and value of your items. We don’t diffenerentiate between hallmarked and non-hallmarked gold, our rates are the same for both.

If you’re able to weigh your tangled chains (including any charms, pendants or lockets), use our online calculator to give you an instant quotation to see what your tangled gold chains are worth. We have no hidden fees, so the price that you see is the price that we will pay you (providing all the items are the carat and weight you state and we receive your parcel within 3 days of filling out the claim form).

After completing a claim form, package up your tangled gold chains securely following our “How should I package my gold?” instructions and send them using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Once your parcel arrives at Gold Traders (UK) we will check, test and weigh your tangled gold on the day of receipt and you could have the value of your unused tangled chains sitting in your bank account that afternoon (if you choose to receive payment by BACS).

So don’t keep looking at that collection of tangled chains in the back of a drawer wondering what to do with them, turn them into cash by sending them to Gold Traders (UK).

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