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Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
9 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
18 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
22 carat £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
500 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
925 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
900 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
950 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
Purity Grams Oz Troy Oz
900 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
950 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--
999 £--.-- £--.-- £--.--

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Estimate the value of your pre-1947 British silver coins

Pre-decimal Silver Coin Valuation Calculator

All British pre-1947 silver coins contain a minimum of 50% silver.

Value your British pre-1947 silver coins

We purchase pre-1947 silver coins, lots of them. You'll often find that dealers offer an amount based on multiples of their face value, for example 8 x face value for pre-1947 coins and 20 x face value for pre-1920 coins.

We're a little different, in that we pay based on the weight of the coins you have. The problem that many customer's have is making a direct comparison, and ultimately, an informed decision as to which deal offers the best price.

If you know the face value of your coins, but don't know their weight, our pre-decimal calculator should help. This tool offers an unbiased comparison of what we'll pay you for your coins, compared to your dealer pricing them on face value.

If the price being offered by your local coin dealer is better than the rate we can offer, we'll tell you - fair enough?

Pre-decimal calculator

Simply tell us the face value of your coins & we'll estimate what we're likely to offer. Obviously, if you know the exact weight of your coins, it's better to work out their value based on our current silver prices per gram rates, however if you don't know their weight, this calculator will do a pretty good job at working out their value.

Simply enter the face value of the coins in the form. If you're comparing our rates with another dealer, tell us how many times over face value they're offering or the amount they've offered you.

How to work out the face value of pre-decimal coins

  • Sort your coins into groups of similar denominations
  • Start with the highest denomination you have and start grouping your coins into £1 piles.
  • When you don't have sufficient coins to make £1, count up how many Shillings you have left - there should be no more than 19.
  • When you no longer have enough coins to make a Shilling, count up how many three penny pieces you have left - there should be no more than 3.
  • Voila! You should now know how many Pounds, Shillings and Pence you have!

4 Crowns = £1. Their original weight was 28.28g.

Half Crowns
8 Half Crowns = £1. Their original weight was 14.14g.

10 Florins = £1. A freshly minted Florin weighed 11.31g.

20 Shillings = £1. Their original weight was 5.65g.

Sixpence (6d)
40 x 6d = £1, 2 x 6d = 1 Shilling. A freshly minted Sixpence weighed 2.83g.

Three Penny Piece (3d)
80 x 3d = £1, 4 x 3d = 1 Shilling. A freshly minted 3d coin weighed 1.4g.

Pre-decimal Calculator

Use this form to estimate the value of your pre-decimal coins and compare our valuation to the prices offered by dealers who pay on multiples of face value.

1. Enter the face value of your pre-decimal coins

If you're unfamiliar with pre-decimal denominations, have a read through our introduction text.


2. Choose the date range

Make sure you've separated any pre-1920 coins (dated 1919 and earlier) from your pre-1947 coins (1920 - 1946), as they contain a different amount of silver.


3. Compare our valuation

If you're comparing our valuation with that of another dealer, enter the detail below. If the dealer pays on multiples of face value, use the 'Multiple' field (e.g. If the dealer pays 20 x face value, enter 20). If you've been given a straight valuation, enter the amount in the 'Value' field.


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