Scrap Silver Prices

Scrap Silver Prices UK

Our scrap silver prices per gram are updated regularly on this page. We accept all grades of solid silver, from pre-1947 British silver coins (50% silver) to 99.99% fine silver bullion.

To value your scrap silver, use the calculator in the left-hand column of this page. you'll need to state the weight and type of silver you have and our system will instantly value your items.

If you have a mixed batch of scrap silver, our claim system can handle all purities under one single record. Simply complete our claim form, itemising all the types of silver you have. Each grade will be valued accordingly.

Here are the scrap silver prices we're paying to our customers today:

Purity £ / Gram £ / Penny Weight £ / Ounce £ / Troy Ounce
500 (50%) Silver 0.13 0.20 3.69 4.04
800 (80%) Silver 0.22 0.34 6.24 6.84
925 (92.5%) Silver 0.25 0.39 7.09 7.78
958 (95.8%) Silver 0.26 0.40 7.37 8.09
999 (99.9%) Fine Silver 0.27 0.42 7.65 8.40

NOTE: The scrap silver prices quoted above are for hallmarked and non-hallmarked silver. Unlike some other dealers, we do not differentiate or pay different rates. You should also note that we don't charge testing or refining fees. In fact, we have no hidden fees at all.


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