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If you’re thinking of sending your unwanted gold to any company who advertise in the press or on television, we would encourage you to first read Patrick Collinson’s article, published on 12 September in Guardian Money – Gold: Should you rush to sell?.

In it, he examines the recent surge in TV and press adverts and investigates whether customers really are receiving a good deal.

We would also recommend you read our previous post, ‘Don’t get ripped-off selling your scrap gold’.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gold2Pounds gave me examples of what they paid. The paperwork said, send the prepaid envelop with your gold back to them in three days and they would add a further 10% of the value. Result offered £99.57. Refused, they immediately raised offer to £150, refused. As far as I was concerned they had at this point lost credibility. I sent the same items to Gold Traders who valued them at £203.87. Enough said.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I weighed my bracelet on the scale at the post office, and then typed it into this website to get a quote of £362. I was happy with the quoted price and sent my bracelet in using Special Delivery as they suggest. They transferred that exact same amount to my bank account the next day. I would recommend gold-traders as being honest and trustworthy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I checked with Gold Traders and my gold was worth £83.60, I went into the indoor shopping centre in Swindon and the guy offered me £52 I said it was worth more on the internet, he said they were a rip of, I sent my Gold to Gold Traders anyway. they sent me a cheque for £83.60 3 days later. When the cheque arrived my puppy chewed it up. I called and explained, they laughed and gave me several options. I returned the chewed cheque and 2 days later the money was in my bank account. Great people to do business with

  4. Anonymous says:

    i sent gold off to a firm advertising on the tv and recieved a cheque for £67 which i returned to them i sent it to gold traders and accepted a cheque for £593.00 there service was excellent.

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