A testimonial for selling gold to Gold-Traders

In today’s instant Internet-enabled world, there’s something very special about receiving a hand written letter from a customer.

Julie Parker contacted us for advice, having sent her scrap gold to a TV advertising ‘cash for gold’ company. Having been offered far less for her gold than she expected, we advised her to request the return of her items from the company as she could achieve a much better deal elsewhere.

Once Julie received her gold back from the other company, she sent it to Gold Traders for valuation. It was tested, valued and payment issued all on the day of receipt.

Julie’s letter reads:

Dear Goldtraders,

Many thanks for your cheque in payment for my unwanted gold.

Having been offered less than 1/3 by ‘Postgold for Cash’ it was a pleasure to deal with you. Acting on the advice of someone from your company I asked them to send my gold back. They immediately increased the offer 3 fold. I am not prepared to deal with people who are willing to take advantage to this extent.

Your website is easy to use and the proces reflect honestly what is paid.

My cheque arrived within a few days.

For anyone wanting to sell gold I would certainly recommend your service.

Julie Parker

Julie’s experience reflects the consistent advice we offer to anyone looking to sell their gold.

NEVER send your gold to a company who doesn’t publish the prices. You will almost certainly receive a far lower price that you would get elsewhere.

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