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Moore & Son Jewellers Buying Scrap Gold

Have you received a flyer through your door from a company called Moore & Son Jewellers? They want your scrap gold and they claim ‘Top London Cash Prices Paid‘.

This company appears to operate around the country by hiring local town / village halls for a short period and leafleting the area to advertise their presence.

Take a look at the flyer and compare their prices with our scrap gold prices. The prices they quote are in troy ounces (not imperial ounces). If you want to know what they pay per gram, simply divide their price by 31.103.

For example, we have a flyer that states they pay up to £140 / troy ounce for 9 carat gold. This works out to be about £4.50 / gram. At the time of writing this article, Gold-Traders were paying a guaranteed minimum of £6.95 / gram for 9 carat scrap gold. We are now currently paying £.

If you want the convenience of receiving cash for your scrap gold the same day and you have checked that your local high street jeweller can’t offer a better rate, then selling your gold to Moore and Son Jewellers is a quick and convenient option.

If however you are keen to receive the best price for your scrap gold, we believe there are other options available that offer better value-for-money.

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