Scrap Gold Calculator Updated

We’re delighted to announce another increase in our scrap gold rates.

As the price of gold increases, so we feel it’s only fair we adjust the prices we pay for scrap gold.

We’re confident that Gold-Traders offers the highest prices for scrap gold jewellery but are always happy to receive feedback if a customer finds another company paying higher rates.

Our scrap gold calculator has also been updated to calculate the following types of gold:

  • 9ct [375] gold (UK
  • 10ct
  • 14ct [585]
  • 15ct
  • 18ct [750]
  • 22ct [916]
  • 24ct [990 / 999]

Don’t forget, you’re also protected by our scrap gold price guarantee. If after you’ve sent us your gold, the price goes up before payment is made, we’ll pay you the higher rate (subject to the testing and weighing of your gold scrap).

Send us your scrap gold today and receive payment tomorrow!

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3 Responses to “Scrap Gold Calculator Updated”

  1. David Baumgardner says:

    Was wondering if anyone else out the has came across a piece of very very old gold that was bulky in its design making it hard to believe that it was actually solid gold, buy also having layers and massive either tarnish or as i think something purposely placed on the piece to encase, hide, protect, without destroying!!??!! Not truly sure what the case may be I just know I actually thought it was something other than it is and began to clean item and upon doing so I noticed layers and with those layers came different images and symbols and once I realized that I stopped and only concentrated on a very small area of about one square inch of the surface and got to what I believe to be is bare surface and consist of white gold, its been tested and is 24k but only passes as gold at all when freshly wiped down in that area , can test different area and it doesn’t pass as any good at all!!???!! Wierd to me, not only that by I also have a different piece similar in process and I haven’t got it completely down to bare material all the way through but very close and it teat the same way but when it was tested. It freaked the gold guy out it disappears within seconds of him scratching he had to be very quick to drop his acid so we could get a result….has anyone ever seen, heard or experienced anything similar?? If so plz contract me as I have much more insight and hope of gaining knowledge as well …..Thanks and God Bless

  2. Paul at Sell Gold Orange County says:

    What a great idea! So many people are confused and then ripped off because they don’t know the accurate purity of their gold. Thanks for clearing up the confusion so the honest companies can thrive and the educated people can make the right choices to get the actual value of their gold!

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