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We buy gold bars and gold bullion.

Our up-to-date prices for gold bars are detailed below.

Please contact us if you have a gold bar to sell that isn't listed - we'll give you an instant quote.

As with our scrap gold prices, the rates quoted are the prices we're paying our customers today, based on the current gold price. The exact amount will be confirmed to you on receipt of your bars.

Bar Size Weight (g) Value
2.5g 2.5g 76.41
5g 5g 152.81
10g 10g 305.62
20g 20g 611.25
50g 50g 1,528.12
100g 100g 3,056.25
250g 250g 7,640.62
500g 500g 15,281.25
1kg 1000g 30,562.50
1/10ozt 3.11g 95.05
1/4ozt 7.776g 237.65
1/2ozt 15.552g 475.31
1ozt 31.103 950.59
1 Tola 11.66g 356.36
3 Tolas 34.98g 1,069.08
5 Tolas 58.3g 1,781.79
10 Tolas 116.6g 3,563.59




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