Selling Scrap Gold – Worth the Effort?

A pile of 9ct gold items

We occasionally receive calls from customers enquiring whether it’s worth their while sending-in their unwanted jewellery. Very often, they either don’t realise how much their jewellery is worth, or they feel the amount they have is so small (perhaps a single ring or a pair of earrings), it’s not worth the effort.

A pair of gold earrings

Even after taking into account your postage fees, you can still achieve a greater profit selling these earrings to Gold-Traders compared to most high-street jewellers.

Taking your postage costs into account, you only need to send us about 1.3g of 9ct gold to achieve a greater profit than you would get if you sold the same amount at a high street jewellers.

We don’t have a minimum transaction size, you really can send us whatever you have.

Interestingly, both our highest and lowest payouts for this week occurred on the same day. Our smallest transaction was for £5.65, whilst our largest single payout of the week was £31,188.80.

Our average customer payout this month has been £631.34 and the most popular payment method has been via BACS (direct bank transfer).

If you have gold jewellery to sell and have questions, drop us an e-mail or give us a call. Our telephone number is at the top of this page – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

3 Responses to “Selling Scrap Gold – Worth the Effort?”

  1. michael morgan says:

    I have a gold cuff bracelet with 18k 0.075 and a V stamped on it it also has a saftey catch which makes me think it is authentic. would appreciate any information.
    thank you Michael

    • Phil says:

      Hello Michael,

      0.075 is an unusual mark for an 18 carat item. It is possible your bracelet is rolled gold or gold plated. The easiest way to verify this would be to take it to a local jeweller who buys scrap gold. Ask them to value it, which they should do free-of-charge. Make sure you know the correct weight of the bracelet so that you can work out the price per gram they offer you (if it is gold).

  2. Pace Butler Gold says:

    Hey friend , very smart move. Every time one of these gold-buying businesses comes to town, I want to stand outside with signs telling people not to sell their gold to these shysters. I’m trying to fly below the radar in public, though, and hope more people will take this message to heart from reading what I’m posting on this site.

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