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3 April 2020

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1 Pond Gold Coin

The first South African gold Pond was the Burgers Pond of 1874.

Weight Fineness Gold Content Value
1 Pond (Pound) 7.98 .9166 7.3 £300.28

Named for the President of the South African Republic, Thomas Francois Burgers, whose bearded likeness adorns the obverse face of the coin, these coins were issued in two variations. Unfortunately, they were not very popular with the religious community, as the coin was seen as a symbol of vanity and foolish pride on the part of Burger, so they were quickly removed from the mint and very few of the coins actually saw circulation as coinage.

The Pond coin did not resurface until 1892 when President Kruger ordered the construction of a new mint and the creation of a new coinage for the country to garner support in an upcoming election campaign. These coins were based on the British coin system and the South African 1 Pond coin is the equivalent of the British Sovereign. The South African 1 Pond coin even based its dimensions and 22 carat gold content on the British coin so it has a diameter of 22 millimeters and a weight of 7.98 grams.

Due to construction delays, the first issue of South African 1 Pond coins was produced by the Royal Prussian Mint in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately, a series of mistakes by the German coin designer resulted in this coin being seen as a farce, which resulted in the coins recall almost immediately after it was issued.

The Kruger Pond had a short existence, from 1892 to 1900, after which, it was removed from the mint production runs. The exact number of coins produced in this period is unknown, partially due to the Boer War. It has been rumored that President Kruger ordered a vast quantity of the gold coins and other treasures to be hidden away to protect the assets from British invaders. This legendary treasure is commonly referred to as Krugers Millions.

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