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Purity Weight (g) Fineness Min. Gold Content (g) Price £
Once Ounce 31.104 .9999 31.103 1,768.62
Half 15.55 .9999 15.552 884.34
Quarter 7.79 .9999 7.776 442.17
Tenth 3.11 .9999 3.11 176.85

Austrian Philharmoniker Gold CoinsAustrian Philharmonikers are produced by the Austrian Mint in Vienna, who have a rich history of producing some of the worlds most beautiful coins for over eight centuries. They receive their name from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which is commemorated in both the obverse and reverse designs of the coin. These coins are known to collectors and gold bullion coin investors as Austrian Philharmonica's or Philharmonikers.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is considered to be one of the finest performing orchestras on earth and the Austrian government chose to honor this organization by immortalizing it in the purest of gold. The Austrian Philharmoniker is thus minted in one full ounce of 24 carat gold, meaning it has 99.99% purity.

The obverse design of the Austrian Philharmonikers represents the great organ of the Golden Hall at Musikverein in Vienna. This organ is at the heart of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's performance center and is an internationally recognized symbol of the group.

The reverse side of the Austrian Philharmonikers design features several of the instruments that are integral to the performance of orchestral music. This design incorporates musical instruments from the wood, wind, brass and stringed instrument groups along with the Wiener Philharmoniker, which translates to Vienna Philharmonic.

The Austrian Philharmonikers are currently minted in four sizes, ranging from one tenth of an ounce to one full ounce. Their face value ranges from 25 Euros to 2000 Schillings. In addition to the four regular denominations of Austrian Philharmonikers issued each year, the Vienna Mint also creates commemorative coins on an average of ten per year. In the years, 1992, 1995 and 1996, the Austrian Philharmoniker was declared the best selling gold bullion coin by the World Gold Council.

Interesting Facts about Austrian Philharmonikers

Since February of 2008, the Austrian Mint has also produced a version of the Austrian Philharmoniker in silver, which is identical to the gold Austrian Philharmonikers with the exception of it's face value being 1.50 euros. The silver Austrian Philharmonikers is intended for purchase as an investment coin and there are a limited number produced each year according to the current demand. These coins are crafted of one ounce of 99.9% pure silver, even finer than the .925 Sterling silver used in the production of high end jewelry items. At the time of this writing, these coins could be purchased from the mint for less than $20 (U.S.) per coin.

In 2004, the Austrian Mint released a commemorative Austrian Philharmoniker coin with a 100,000 Euro face value that weighed in at 31.103 kilograms. The total production of these coins was fifteen. At the time of this writing, with a current gold spot price of $1,246.00 (U.S.) per troy ounce, one of these coins would have a bullion value of $1,246,000 (U.S.), a full $1,118,830 (U.S.) above the face value of the coin.

While the commemorative Austrian Philharmonikers coins are legal tender in Austria, they cannot be used to make purchases outside of the country. The majority of these coins are intended for collector value because their actual gold content exceeds their face value.

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