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3 April 2020

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Purity Weight (g) Fineness Min. Gold Content (g) Price £
Tenth Kruger 3.393 .9167 3.11 127.93

Since 1980, the gold Krugerrand has been issued in three smaller denominations of half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce. While the term Kruger is used mainly in reference to the one ounce Kruger coin, it is a common practice for the average individual to refer to these smaller sizes of the Krugerrand coins as Krugers as well.

The tenth Krugerrand, like the other coins of the Krugerrand family, was intended to be used as a bullion coin instead of currency so it shares similar traits with the other coins in the family, including an almost identical design and minor variations in the size of the pressed coins. The tenth Krugerrand coin displays the image of President Kruger with the name of the country in an arc around the outer edge of the coin on the obverse side. The reverse face of the coins features the same South African springbok design used on all the coins in the Kruger family along with a face value of 1 Rand. The coin also features 115 serrations around its edge surface.

All of the coins in the Kruger family of coins were crafted from 22 carat gold with an alloy of 12 parts gold and 1 part copper. This means that the actual gold content of the tenth Krugerrand is actually 1/10 ounce while the coin itself weighs in at 3.3931 grams.

The tenth Krugerrand has a thickness that varies from 1.25 to 1.35 millimeters. It also has a minimum diameter of 16.45 millimeters and a maximum diameter of 16.55 millimeters due to the practice of stamping these coins for bullion rather than actual coinage. Due to the fact that the coins were not intended for circulation as currency, it was considered admissible to have these minor variations in the coin stamping process. The trait is carried over throughout the whole family of Kruger coins.

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