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Purity Weight (g) Fineness Min. Gold Content (g) Price £
$50 Buffalo 31.108 .9999 31.103 1,545.19
$25 Buffalo 15.57 .9999 15.55 772.52
$10 Buffalo 7.79 .9999 7.78 386.51
$5 Buffalo 3.11 .9999 3.11 154.50

American Buffalo Gold CoinsIn June of 2006, the United States Mint made the American Buffalo (or Gold Buffalo) coin available to the public. Named for the American Bison pictured on the reverse side of the coin, the American Buffalo gold coin takes it's design from the Indian Head Nickel created by James Earl Fraser.

Marking a first in American coin history, the American Buffalo is the first .9999 pure 24 carat gold coin to be issued by the United States Government for public use. This coin is legal tender in the United States and it has a face value of $50.

Prized by collectors, the proof coins from the U.S. Buffalo series command very high prices. Starting in 2006, collectors were given the opportunity to purchase uncirculated proof grade U.S. Buffaloes, directly from the U.S. Mint. There were only 300,000 of these proof coins minted in 2006 and a strict limit of ten coins per household was enforced. In 2006, a proof coin sold for $800. In 2007, the price raised to $899.95 and was again raised in 2009 to a whopping $1,410 for a proof coin with a face value of $50.

The American Buffalo coin was created as a component of the Presidential $1 Coin Act that required the minting of a presidential $1 coin series in 2007, a redesign for the U.S. Penny or One Cent piece in 2009 and the one ounce 24 carat gold coin with a $50 face value that came to be American Buffalo.

Starting in 2008, the U.S. Buffalo has also been issued in fractional sizes of 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz of gold bearing face values of $5, $10 and $25 respectively.

Interesting Facts About The American Buffalo Gold Coin

The buffalo pictured on the reverse design of the American Buffalo coin and the Indian Head Nickel is believed to be a representation of a bison named Black Diamond who was on exhibit in the Central Park Zoo of New York in the early 1900's. The common story is Fraser had to hire an assistant to distract the bison because the animal was so interested in his sketching equipment that Fraser was having difficulty getting a profile view of the bison, which kept turning to face him.

Two of the American Buffalo gold coins are in place as part of the Smithsonian Museums coin collection.

In September of 2008, the U.S. Mint put a temporary hold on the sale of American Buffalo gold coins because they were unable to keep up with public demand as investors rushed to buy gold as a safety net against the turbulent economy.

A non-legal tender version of the American Buffalo has been offered for sale by a company called the National Collectors Mint. This coin is not legal tender and is not made of pure gold like the American Buffalo coin. These coins can be distinguished from genuine American Buffalo coins because they do not have a face value on the reverse face and the word "COPY" can be seen in the braid of the hair on the obverse face.

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