What’s the REAL value of your gold?

Value gold

When it comes to selling unwanted gold for cash, it’s a seller’s market right now. Dozens of ‘Cash for Gold‘ companies have sprung-up, all vying for your attention and hoping you will send them your valuables.

Sadly, the unregulated Cash for Gold market is a minefield of dodgy promises and appalling low prices. Take a look at any of the companies advertised on national TV. Their web sites will be full of slick marketing hype and promises of ‘top rates’, but you’re unlikely to find any information as to what the company will pay you, per gram for your gold.

How on earth can a consumer be expected to make an informed decision as to who to sell their gold to when so many Gold buying companies fail to disclose their rates?

Find out the real value of your gold

Before sending off your gold, I encourage you to work out its true value. We have a hallmark guide to help you sort your gold and once you’ve weighed it as accurately as possible, we can tell you what it’s really worth. Armed with this information, you can decide if the price you’re offered is a reasonable one, or not.

Try it now. Calculate the real value of your gold.

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