Sell Platinum Thermocouple Wire

Platinum thermocouple wire

Platinum thermocouple wire

Used in laboratories and in scientific instruments, platinum thermocouple wire is often used for measuring temperatures in-excess of 2000°C.

Due to its high value, thermocouple wire should always be recycled. You can sell your platinum thermocouples to Gold-Traders and receive payment on the day we receive your package.

You can check our scrap platinum prices, which are always up-to-date. The rates we display are the prices we’re paying on that day. There are no hidden fees or deductions to be taken off the price.

If you’re unsure as to what type of thermocouple wire you have, we’ve compiled a short article to summarise the varieties of platinum thermocouples and the prices we pay.

To proceed, please fill out our claim form and follow our simple instructions in relation to postage and packing.

2 Responses to “Sell Platinum Thermocouple Wire”

  1. Anon says:

    I have some thermocouple wire that my manager says can’t be got rid of as it is illegal.

    I have had some of it for years now and nobody seems to want it. I have suggested to my manager that he should offer it to to the company we buy thermocouples from so they could discount our new thermocouples but he will not listen. Is it worth recycling?

    • Phil says:

      Hello Anon,

      If it’s platinum thermocouple wire, it most certainly is worth recycling!

      I would suggest your best option would be to send us a small sample for us to analyse. We can confirm the metal content and its value on the day of receipt.

      As an indication, we’re currently paying £ for 90% platinum.

      If you would like to go-ahead, please complete our claim form.

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