Platinum Crucibles

Platinum crucibles

A crucible is a container made from a material that doesn’t melt easily and used for high temperature chemical reactions. If you’re looking to sell platinum crucibles, Gold Traders has the expertise to handle them.

Platinum crucibles offer very high temperature strength. Its contents can be heated in excess of 1000°C without the crucible melting.

Being a noble metal, Platinum does not oxidise or corrode, thus does not interfere with the chemical reaction occurring during the heating process.

Inevitably, a Platinum crucible will reach the end of its life at some point. Once it becomes cracked or misshaped beyond repair, it must be replaced.

Gold-Traders purchases unwanted and damaged platinum crucibles. Our scrap platinum prices page is regularly updated and shows the rates we’re currently paying.

We deal with everything on the day of receipt (Monday to Friday), so if you send us your unwanted crucibles today, you’ll have the funds in your bank account tomorrow. If you would like to proceed, please complete our claim form.

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