Choosing the best scrap gold dealer

There are plenty of scrap gold dealers on the Internet and high street jewellers who will buy your gold. The question you should ask when using ANY dealer is ‘Will I receive the best deal available?‘.

Check the small print of our competitors… They may display¬†attractive rates on their pages, but their content is often cleverly worded and the offer you receive is usually way below market rates.

Don’t sell to a companies that send you ‘free’ postal bags

Some of the worst payers in the market are those that tempt you with ‘free’ envelopes. They will typically offer you between 40% – 60% of the real value of your gold. We pay well in excess of 90%.

If possible, make sure you know the weight and purity of your items and you’ve received an up-front genuine estimate as to what you can expect to be paid. Take care to verify the company you choose hasn’t simply quoted you the ‘spot’ value of your gold. If they have, you’re likely to be offered substantially less, once you’ve posted your items.

We believe our payment terms are probably the fairest available.

  • Our rates are clearly published online.
  • You can visit our secure counter (Monday to Friday) and complete your transaction within a short period.
  • We don’t charge ‘administration’ fees to return your items if you change your mind.
  • We issue payment on the day we receive your gold.

Use our scrap gold calculator to receive an instant valuation of your unwanted gold and put our excellent service to the test.

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