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Gold-Traders launches new web site

The new Gold-Traders web site is finally live, we hope you find the new features of benefit.

Along with our scrap gold calculator, we’ve introduced platinum and silver calculators as well. We’ve always taken platinum and silver, it’s just our old site never advertised the fact!

It’s also far simpler to send us mixed carat batches. Previously, many customers would fill out multiple claim forms, one for each carat type being sent. Our new claim form deals with gold, silver and platinum all together, speeding-up the whole process.

We hope you like the improvements. There are however a few things that haven’t changed… We still don’t charge ‘refining fees’ or ‘testing fees’, we don’t charge to send any items back to you, and we don’t deduct fees to send you a cheque or pay funds into your bank account.

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