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£10 / Tenth Britannia Gold Coin

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Purity Weight (g) Fineness Min. Gold Content (g) Price £
£10 (Tenth) Britannia 3.412 .917 3.11 122.91

Along with three other weights, the £10 (Tenth) Britannia was introduced in 1987. Although the concept of bullion coins goes back thousands of years, the idea for the Britannia coins stemmed from the high popularity of bullion coins by avid collectors. The Britannia's history includes a change in her image.

On the face of the tenth ounce Britannia, you will find the current royal ruler for each particular mint year. Currently, Queen Elizabeth's profile head is on the face. Prior to 2000, the reverse side of the coin had the image of Britannia seated. With the new millennium, her image was changed and now depicts Britannia in a standing position.

£10 (Tenth) Britannia coins have a diameter of 16.5 millimeters. They weigh a tenth of a troy ounce, which converts to a metric weight of about 3.4 grams.

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