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Coin Collecting: Gold, Silver and More!

What is Coin Collecting?

  • What is Numismatics?: The page provides an overview of numismatics and explains what coin collecting entails.
  • Coin Collection: The page covers the history of coin collection, what it can do, the factors that influence the value of coins, and more.
  • Acronyms: Before you jump into coin collecting, take some time to learn the meaning of such acronyms like ACG, ANACS, DMPL, FRNS, NGC, and others.
  • Guide to Coin Collecting: The page answers coin collecting questions covering cost of coin collecting, range of prices, investment value, polishing, and more.
  • Coins & Coin Collecting: The article explains the thrills, fun, and rewards of coin collecting.
  • Coin Site: The site provides a lot of information for coin collectors including numismatic FAQ, image gallery, the Coin Doc, and other stuff.

What Kind of Coins do People Collect?

  • What Coins to Collect: The article by Neil S. Berman and Ron Guth discusses the types of coins which could be collected covering denomination, type, date, mintmark, and so on.
  • Types of U.S. Coins: Come here to learn all about how to collect U.S. coins by type and also how to collect U.S. coins by date or mint.
  • Error Coins: The page offers an explanation of error coins with links to more information about Blank Planchet Error, Broadstruck Error, Die Cap Error, Off Center Error, and more.
  • Ancient Coins: The essay provides tips for coin collectors who are interested in building a collection of ancient coins.

Valuable Gold Coins

  • Gold Sovereign Expert: How rare is your gold sovereign? Find out here.
  • American Gold Eagle Coins: The website provides information on this valuable gold coin with dimensions, face values, purity level, and mintage figures from 1986 to 2009.
  • South African Krugerrands: The page provides an account of the history of these gold coins with other pertinent information.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin: Blanchard offers information on the Canadian Maple Leafs with volume pricing, purity, and more.
  • Panda Gold Coins: Come here to learn all about the popular Panda Gold Coins.
  • Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin: The U.S. Mint provides information on this unique gold coin with history of design selection, design, FAQs, and more.
  • Gold Coins: The article by Dr. Thomas Chaize offers an overview of some of the most valuable gold coins.

Valuable Silver Coins

  • American Silver Eagles: The website offers the ultimate information on the American Silver Eagles covering coin specifications, bullion mintages, proof mintages, and more.
  • Silver Morgan Dollars: The article by Dr. Sol Taylor explores the popularity and history of these highly popular silver coins.
  • Peace Silver Dollars: The website provides information on the Peace Silver Dollar Coins including year of mintage, mints, quantities, and more.
  • Silver Panda Coins: Come here to find out more about these highly sought after silver coins.
  • Canada Silver Coins: The Royal Canadian Mint offers information on its collection of finely crafted silver coins.
  • Athenian Owls: The page offers a lot of information on the history and design of these famous silver coins.
  • Silver Coins: The Royal Mint provides information on the 2010 Lucky Silver Penny Baby Gift Pack, the 2010 UK Britannia 1oz Silver Bullion Coin, the Second World War Battle of Britain Silver Proof Coin, and more.
  • Maria Theresa Thaler: A place to learn all about this world famous silver coin.

Coin Collecting Reference and Value Guides

  • Price Guide: The Professional Coin Grading Service offers price guide, set registry, coin facts, services, and more.
  • American Numismatic Society: The official site with links to collections, library, archives, publications, education, and so on.
  • Coin Today: The site offers numismatic and gold investment information on a daily basis with U.S. coin price guides, world coin price guides, and more.
  • Beginner’s Price Guide: The Heritage Auction Galleries provides a price guide for some common coins and coins categorized by denomination.
  • World Mints: The ultimate place to find information on all the mints in the world.
  • Coin Collecting Glossary: The page provides a list of essential coin terms for all coin collectors.
  • Coin Price Guides: The article discusses some of the best coin price guides with descriptions and recommendations.

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