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Where is gold located?

Gold can be found in quite a few locations. Some people have said that they have found gold right in their backyard, and this could very well be true. Gold is panned or mined in several different types of places all over the world. Gold locations fall into one of two categories: primary and secondary.

Gold can be found in larger pieces in gold mines. These are called primary deposits. Mines can be small or large but in either case, the gold is often part of the structure within the mine. For these primary deposits, it is often necessary for professional miners and equipment to be used to separate the gold from the surrounding rock and dirt. Large chucks if the inside of these mines are sent via conveyer belts and wheeled carts to be washed, tumbled, or broken to expose the gold deposits.

The other locations for gold fall under secondary deposits. Secondary deposits include rivers, streams, and small creeks that flow from or through the primary deposits. The weight of the water when it’s current is strong, as it is during floods or certain seasons, carry the gold pieces that break off of the rocks. These small pieces are then deposited throughout the beds of these small waterways.

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