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Best Ever Scrap Gold Prices

Remember… What goes up, must come down! Our prices a high at the moment – very high. If you have any unwanted or broken gold jewellery tucked away, dig it out – there has never been a better time to sell! Remember, every gram counts and you may be surprised at just how much you have.

High Street or Internet?

Internet of course! But then, we would say that, wouldn’t we?!

Well, if you’ve shopped around, you’ve undoubtedly received one or two quotes. We know the high street jewellers in our area are paying up to 40% less than we pay. Of course, online companies like us have to be more competitive with pricing. It is however still worth checking a few other web sites. A quick search in Google will reveal at least two companies who claim to be β€˜the leading online gold buyer…’ Check their prices out. Do they offer the best rates? Hmmm, thought not!

Turning your old broken / scrap gold into cash has never been easier. If you can, weigh it so you at least have a rough idea of how heavy it is. Next, try and identify the type of gold you have. Enter these details into our scrap gold calculator and see what price you’re quoted. Providing you’ve given us accurate information, it’s a really accurate assessment as to what you can expect to receive.

Today’s Scrap Gold Prices

Rather than quote a price on this page and have it become obsolete within a matter of days, please visit our dedicated page of scrap gold prices. It’s always up-to-date and shows you what we’re currently paying our customers. Indeed, if you visit our counter, it’s exactly what you’ll receive!

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