How much is 9ct gold worth per gram?

We are often asked how much 9ct gold is worth is worth per gram. 9ct gold is an alloy (mix) of metals, comprising of 37.5% gold and a combination of other metals, commonly copper, silver and zinc. The proportions of other metals used is dependent on the colour required. For example, 9ct red gold will contain a high proportion of copper, whereas white gold will contain little or no copper.

The scrap value of 9ct gold

Gold-Traders is currently paying £ for 9ct gold. You can use our scrap gold calculator on the right of this page to calculate what your gold is worth.

All our prices are guaranteed and we offer exceptionally fast turnaround on all packages received. If you elect to have payment made into your bank account (BACS) and you have an account with any of the main high-street banks, the funds will be available to you usually within an hour of us completing the transaction.

See a full breakdown of our scrap gold prices here.

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5 Responses to “How much is 9ct gold worth per gram?”

  1. Mrs T White says:

    Is a gold chain with the markings ITALY 925 on worth anything?

  2. Lisa. says:

    Hi I have a ring it’s 9ct Cz is it worth any thing I’m not sure on things like this

  3. bubsy says:

    Hi how much is 20 grams off 9ct gold worth? Clear hall markings? Been tested before. If i go into shop?

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